Checkout Installments / Rate za wooCommerce

49.99  / year

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Adds installments box at the checkout page in natural ordering flow – installments selector is shown before the total.

THIS ADD-ON COMES FREE WITH ALL HolestPay subscriptions whose last SKU digit is not 0. Use the same key you use to activate the POS na, download plugin from in section “PLATFORM MODULES”.

– Supports standard & blocks checkout
– Supports wooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage
– Supports multi-currency shops
– Modify item prices proportionally or add separate ‘Installments processing’ fee
– Define the minimal cart total for each number of installments
– Options to modify order total based on the choosen number of installments.
– Option to only enable chosen payment methods if more than 1 installment is selected by the customer.
– Shipping in/out of the calculation (omit if payment method allows so).
– Limit available countries (billing).
– Give a discount for one-time-payment.
– Optionally display installment plan table
– You need to implement integration with payment methods yourself. Implicit integration exists only for HolestPay for WooCommerce.
There is a sample of 3rd-party payment method integration under /assets/sample_3rd_party_payment_method.js
– Order meta added:
installments: integer
installment_plan: assoc_array.
– Checkout javascript:
document event ‘onHinstallmentsInstallmentsChanged’